Who Is Charles Nahm?

Charles Nahm fishing

I find it very hard to categorize myself as a businessman and explain “what I do” to people that ask. Basically, I just do whatever I have to do to keep my clients and customers happy. That seems to work for them and is a simple enough formula that even I can handle it. I’ve been into computers since my parents bought me a Commodore 64 many years ago and even more so once Al Gore invented the Internet and I entered the working world. From my first day at IBM in January of 1989 – I have learned that you can never ever stop learning in the IT field. The moment you stop, you get left behind.

Recreationally, I’m very active in the tournament bass fishing community in southern Ontario. I’m also a semi-professional poker player. OK, not really, I play poker for the fun of it – translation: I lose money at poker – I just really enjoy playing the game even for just pennies. I’ve pretty much always been a big fan of reading epic fantasy. My most recent hobby is mixed martial arts. I’m hoping to prove that age, as well as being in terrible shape, is not a barrier to learning new things and attempting to get in to the best shape of my life to keep up with my girls. Knowing a choke hold or two will probably also come in handy when they become teenagers.

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