My first job in the IT world was with IBM at their Don Mills office in 1989 as a University Co-Op. I learned a lot and certainly don’t regret the time spent there – but one of the most important things I learned was that I didn’t want to work forever in a place where I was just another number. It’s hard to feel like you are making a difference when your job entails photocopying manuals or creating foils (what the rest of the world calls transparencies). It’s also hard not to feel like a peon when there are 11 levels of managers and you are one of 100,000 or so employees.

After graduation I worked for a time as a technical writer for a small firm (Iris Power Engineering). I took that role fresh out of school without a real career goal in mind. I was still trying to find my niche. Being at a small firm allowed me the opportunity to get involved in just about every facet of the business. I was able to learn be a multimedia developer, software test analyst, Java developer, Web developer and Linux administrator. Eventually my role was the IT Manager’s position as I had dragged the company in to the Internet age.

With the immense breadth of experience I had gained, I was able to join Sonic Networks in 2001 as the IT Manager. A small entrepreneurial management team allowed me to guide the business network towards a managed services model. Eventually, it became the focus of our business attention and D2P Hosting was started in 2005. This was my first exposure to data centre management, but again, being in a smaller business allowed me to experience every facet of the data centre environment and to face and find solutions to many of the challenges involved in providing enterprise and public sector clients with 5 nines of uptime (99.999%).

Having good support staff is critical, so the relationships I created at D2P was very helpful when I finally followed my goals and started CNMC Corp in late 2007. CNMC is a managed services company focusing on personal service and support that can only be achieved at a boutique level. Every one of my co-workers follows the simple principle that a client isn’t satisfied until their expectations are exceeded.

In June of 2010, CNMC Corp launched a shared hosting business with a twist – Shared hosting has gotten many black eyes over the years and deservedly so with most businesses focused on cramming as many sites as possible on to already overloaded servers with consideration only on the bottom line. Having experienced it myself – I knew there had to be others like me dissatisfied with what is available. Decided that I wanted to offer a shared hosting alternative for bloggers, small businesses and individuals that was priced like standard shared hosting – and yet provided a hosting experience much superior to the big box hosts. In addition, my partners and I have always wanted to do something more to give back – so TheCaringHost has a charity component included in the service – which is matched by us for any clients using the “I Care” logo on their website.

If you are in need of Managed Services or Shared Hosting – I hope you will give CNMC Corp or TheCaringHost a shot at earning your business.