Tournament Fishing

I joined my first fishing club in 1996 and fished my first tournament that year. I fished the tournament a day after getting food poisoning (requiring an emergency Island pit stop) and did not catch a single keeper the whole day. I was hooked! I loved it – the blast off, the smell of 2-stroke oil burning in the morning, the dock talk, the weigh-in and of course – the fishing.

With close to 14 years of tournament fishing under my belt – I have learned a lot of hard lessons. I’ve had my share of good finishes, but I’ve certainly had more finishes that were less than stellar and I’ve found that while I can fondly recall the wins – like when I beat Dougie, Strub and JP like drum on Shades Mills – I can more vividly remember the agony of defeat – like when I sunk my boat on 1000 Islands on the morning of day 1 of the last 3-day CFT Super Series Classic. You will be able to read about it in my blogs. The one thing that I know will be conveyed is my passion and love for the sport.


Mississauga CBAF

In 2005 a group of friends and I decided to start a new club in the Mississauga area. The guys decided they wanted a chump who was good at taking orders and doing the grunt work to be the president of the club – so of course I got elected. I don’t recall an actual election – more a case of me being told. Oh well, you pick an introverted person with a public speaking phobia as a club president and you get what you paid for.

I actually am grateful to my friends for forcing me to step up. I won’t say I’ve conquered my public speaking phobia, but being forced to grit my teeth and bear it has made me a more comfortable and less introverted person in all aspects of life. Sometimes you don’t know what you are capable of until you are forced in to a sink or swim scenario.

Anyways – 5 years later we have one of the funnest and strongest groups of anglers a club system has ever had and we seem to grow every year so I guess we’re doing something right. Visit the forum as and see what we are up to.

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