Other Hobbies

I was raised to try and enjoy new things in life. I have always embraced that philosophy, but at times I can be somewhat obsessive about trying to get to a certain proficiency level. I enjoy just about every sporting activity. It’s just nice to be active. It’s hard to come to grips with getting older and not being able to abuse yourself the way you did as a student – but at the same time, recognizing that I cannot treat myself the way I used to has allowed me to spend a lot less time in the infirmary and allows me to help my girls learn to ride a bike or push them along for a 5-10 km stroll at the zoo and giving those things up would be a much bigger sacrifice.

Currently my other hobbies include poker, basketball, mixed martial arts and reading.

I am going to try to write occasional blog posts about each of these things as I enjoy blogging and writing things down helps me to learn from my mistakes and improve at whatever I am doing. I especially want to blog about MMA and my journey towards a more acceptable level of physical fitness. It will bring a measure of accountability to the table. As my blogs become more developed, I will add them here and would love to have to come check them out.

Thanks again for visiting my site.